Lisa Sparxx: Interview

After reaching her 112th title this year, we caught up with the legendary gang-bang queen Lisa to discuss her career so far and where she is taking it in the future as well as her recently relaunched official website and the affiliate program that was launched alongside it. You can read the full transcript below as well as absorb some examples of the kind of images that are available to those who become members of her site.

We caught up with Lisa via email for a chat

What made you get into the adult industry?

I started a website 1 year before I started making films (ED:, registered and developed in 2002 before her video debut in 'Dirtier Debutants #4' in 2003).

Do you have any role models/people you look up to in the industry?

I think that Jenna Jameson, Ron Jeremy, Stormy Daniels and Jewel D'Nyle are the people that I most think have made the most of their careers. Without some of them our business would not be so mainstream.

Are you ever recognised in the street by fans or the general public?

I get recognized a bit...but I live in a small town in KY (ED: For those of you outside the USA, KY is Kentucky) and people generally don't say anything to me directly I just get an e-mail later saying that they can't believe that I live in their area..

Do you ever buy/watch releases featuring yourself?.

I never watch myself...I would be way too critical on myself.

Have you ever been featured on mainstream TV or in magazines?

I have been on The Howard Stern show back when it was on E network.... I have been on several things like talk shows and tons of radio. Never mainstream magazines but tons of adult ones.

How many shoots do you perform in per month?

I don't shoot nearly as much as when I started 6 years ago....I shoot about 10-20 times a year now

Who are your favourite actors/directors to work with?

I love working with Manuael Ferrera and as for directors I love them all..haven't run into one that I don't like.

Do you direct any videos, or any other work behind the scenes?

I have directed and released my own's hard to move from one to the other (ED: So far, the IAFD have credited Lisa with directing 1 title, although this only counts video releases which means those she has produced for her own website and others aren't counted).

What does your official website offer compared to the many unofficial ones dedicated to you?

I think that knowing that it is my official website and all the content you get is exclusive to only my site...and I have live cam shows during the year and unofficial sites can't offer that.

Do you still work for other companies or perform only for your website now?

I still shoot movies for all companies in LA. As a matter of fact I am going to LA in October and working for about a week so there will be new stuff soon!
With breasts like that it's no surprise she is famous

Does anyone help you run your site or is it ran solely by you?

My site is run by my husband and myself..we do everything needed to be done from promotion (ED: Including affiliate program to shooting the scenes.

Do you plan to add any more sites to SparxxxCash (the affiliate program) in time?

I haven't decided yet. I used to run several other sites but no other site has been as successful for me as my own...I would have to find someone that is willing to do as hard core content as I have done and still do to this day. It is all about being able to market something that I know customers will like.

Do you think you will be recruiting new models to work for you in the > future?


Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years time?

I hope that the work that I > have done will help take me to the Hall of Fame and after that I just hope > that the site keeps going and I figure out what my next step is.


We would like to say a big thanks to Lisa for participating in this interview with us and we wish her the best of luck in the future, whether in be in front or behind of the camera as well as to the renewed success of her official website, which you can visit at The site not only contains content featuring her and some of the industry friends (both male and female) that she's performed with before but there is also a store where DVDs, authographed photos and even used clothing are available, be sure to check it out!

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